Comfortable and delicate lingerie,

handmade in Rotterdam, inspired by science.

By Lidewij Vera Arí van Twillert

Discover our 3 levels of fit

We are slow fashion: every item in our shop is made to order, custom fit or fully bespoke. In this way we don’t have to work with stock and only make something if somebody actually wants it.

Made to Order

Get to know our special sizing system and flexible garments for your optimal fit.

Custom Fit

Discover our custom fit bras based on your personal 3D body scan. Including our patent pending technology the Curvearis; custom fit, 3D printed breast support following the exact contours of your body. 


Lingerie that fits your body and taste.

Ideal for women that want the ultimate lingerie experience.

Introducing the



Our patent pending technology. The new type of breast support, based on your personal 3D body scan and 3D printed in high quality materials. Softly integrated into all our structured bras.

Lingerie & Jewelry


The Perfect Combination

We think it’s the ultimate combination: lingerie & jewelry. Especially if both items are made using traditional crafts(wo)manship and modern technologies.

All our jewelry is made using 3D printing technologies. You can choose any material you like to combine with our lingerie and make your personal Arí ensemble.

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