Ethics & Sustainability

Arí only wants to design items that become cherished and loved. That’s why we create timeless designs that tell stories and fit properly. Where we can, we add more value by making your items personal so you will be sure the item is made especially for you. We are slow fashion and want to make high quality products that last a long time. 

Low waste

At Arí nothing is made that will not be used. Overproduction and throwing away of unused clothes and fabrics is a big issue in the fashion industry. We only make what is going to be cherished, loved and ordered so there is a 0% change of any of our garments becoming dead stock dumped in landfill.


We cut pattern pieces with great care, arranging the pieces to make use of the fabric in the most optimal way. Our embroidery is carefully aligned on fabric and made pattern piece by pattern piece so we can make use of the fabric efficiently. Larger leftover pieces will be used for sampling and tiny leftover pieces will be recycled. 

Local & fair production

All our garments are made by hand in our Rotterdam (NL) based studio where Dutch law about minimum wages are being practised. In order to ensure good human rights across our entire supply chain we work only with suppliers in European countries with strong legislation that actively prevent the abuse of workers. We try to produce and source everything as locally as possible: our embroiderers work across the hallway!


We never use plastics in our packaging. We try to use as much recycled cardboard and paper material as possible. Our tissue paper is made of recycled paper. Our gift boxes are made of FSC cardboard/paper and are unlabelled so you can use them again and again: as a storage box or as a gift box yourself. 

Circular production

Garments with the Curvearis, can be send back if the elastics have weared out. We will inspect whether the Curvearis can be used in your new garment to minimise material use. Our items are made by hand which involves human errors. If your items for some reason need repairing, we offer this free of charge. We want you to enjoy our garments as long as possible.