Discover our iconic

Contour Bustier

Science is the basis of all garments made by Arí


Breast do not move up and down, but in a butterfly shape. That’s why most support is needed at the side of breasts. Arí’s methods of programming garments on a 3D body scan, resulted in this particular design with lines that are scripted onto the body.

No cup will be the same, even left and right for the same person are different as no one is 100% symmetrical. This makes the Contour Bustier ultra personal: it’s not just the fit is made exclusively for your body, the aesthetics will be personal too.

The Contour Bustier is made exclusively for you.  Look into our bespoke service to find out more about the process or watch the video below. Request an appointment to start the process of your own Contour Bustier.