Water Drift

Drift (Dutch noun): enthusiasm, passion, turbulence, irascibility

“Sea levels are rising and if climate change continues, parts of The Netherlands will be completely engulfed by the year 2300.”

Having fought to control the water for centuries, the Dutch are experts in water management and monitor water levels in every river, canal, and lake. 

The data collected behind the Dutch water management system is visualised in the colourful embroidery of the garments.

The vertical bars embroidered on the Water Drift Bodysuit depict a graph of water levels in The Amsterdam canals during heavy rain in 2017.

The Water Drift ring has a double meaning: One shows the graph of water levels in the Amsterdam canals, the other visualises skylines of cities that could soon be underwater.⁠

The Water Drift Collection shows that dry feet should not be taken for granted in The Netherlands, as the rising sea levels could soon be uncontrollable.

The bralette is asymmetrical containing both the Amsterdam canals and Boezemgemalen graphs.

Discover  the

Water Drift Bralette

Every pattern piece is carefully embroidered separately and aligned on tulle so the graph is not disturbed. The embroidery strengthens the tulle for extra support embodying our philosophy of balancing aesthetics and comfort. 

Get to know our

Water Drift Structured Bra

2 piece cups with embroidery of the ‘Boezemgemalen’ graph, strengthening the tulle. Including the Curvearis, our custom fit, 3D printed breast support

Match the Water Drift Structured Bra and Thong with the Earring that is derived by the same graph. 

This collection is inspired by the ‘Fashion after Flood’ project by Taskforce Fashion. Taskforce Fashion is a project from M-ODE Amsterdam, State of Fashion and Fashion Clash Maastricht financed by the Creative Industries Fund.

All credits for this campaign go to our fantastic team

Art Director: Lidewij van Twillert
Model: Kelly-Ann van Steveninck
Video: Oculus Film
Photographer: Julie Vielvoije
MUAH: Minou Meijers
Assistant: Charlotte Visser