Welcome to the world of Haute Comforture

Haute Comforture is the creation of Arí van Twillert’s founder Lidewij Vera Arí van Twillert. She believes for a garment to become loved it simply needs to be good. That can only be if the total picture is right, no compromises. Form and function should be in balance.

The Arí van Twillert journey began at Delft University of Technology. Lidewij, founder and designer, has always been fascinated by fashion. While studying to become an engineer, she wanted to combine her passions for technology and design. The technology of 3D scanning inspired her to create the ultimate custom fit bra.

She was challenged to bring form and function in balance for this intimate garment and has developed a solution that completely embraces the uniqueness of each woman.

“As a designer I strive to design products and garments that become cherished by – and therefore indispensable for – their users. In this way a product or piece of clothing will become sustainable since it won’t be thrown away without a thought.”

Arí’s work always involves science and technology. She does not create merely to sell product but is always inspired to tell an original story. Not just a story about seducing or being sexy, but a story that has to do with current issues in society. With her recent collection, Water Drift, she visualized data of rising water levels from the Dutch water management system onto lingerie and jewelry, using slow fashion as a way to raise awareness that we should not take our dry feet for granted.

Besides acting as a modern storyteller with her slow fashion lingerie and jewelry collections, Arí makes unique and bespoke bras. By combining modern technologies with traditional couture crafts(wo)manship, Arí is able to make the best fitting bras in the world. Unmatched and without equal.