Arí van Twillert is a luxury lingerie and clothing brand based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


We are loved for our innovative designs and wearable creations,

we use technology to innovate function while playing with form,

storytelling is at the heart of what we do.



We are currently seeking several design developers / CAD modelers to support us with executing our software. We create all of our designs in our atelier based in an old warehouse in the heart of Rotterdam, the heart of the Netherlands creative scene. The atelier is a big open space, so you will see and experience the whole process. In our atelier the custom fit lingerie is created directly by Lidewij and our production team.

We perform 3D scans of our clients which will be converted in the perfectly fitting bra patterns via our in-house developed algorithms. Next to that our redesign of the traditional underwire is custom for every client and 3D printed. As a design developer you will assist in the conversion of 3D body scans to bra patterns and custom underwires.







If you are interested in this opportunity, please send a copy of your CV and cover letter directly to with the subject “Design Developer” (if you prefer you can send your application in Dutch).