The ultimate lingerie experience

Discover the process for your bespoke lingerie


PLEASE NOTE: we currently only place bespoke/custom fit bra requests on our waiting list. Once we have more space, we will inform you to collect deposits and start the process described below with you. Sign up for our waiting list here.

1. Booking a fitting

Before the creation of your bespoke bra can start, we ask you to register here. After filling out the register form we will ask for a €95 deposit. As soon as we received your payment your place in our production queue will be verified and we will contact you for a fitting appointment. 

2. Initial fitting

Whether you want to come to our studio in Rotterdam or want to be in the comfort of your own home, every need can be met. During the fitting we will take a 3D scan of your upper body to create a digital model of your body consisting of over 20.000 data points. From the 3D scan on we will discuss your needs and we will ask you to fulfil the remaining balance of your garment of choice. 

It is important to keep in mind that we will ask you to tell us your preferences in terms of color and fabric before the appointment. This will give us enough time to source potential additional material that fits your taste. During the fitting our atelier will discuss with you what materials you would like us to use for the creation of your personal design.

3. Your patterns and personal Curvearis

After the initial fitting our software developers will create the technical blueprint for your bra. This includes the Curvearis, our custom fit, 3D printed breast support. During this process we will make sure that it follows your natural body contours while providing you with the utmost support and softest comfort. Before we start modelling the blueprint of your bra, we ask you to pay the remaining amount of the garments of your choice.

4. Fitting the toile

After we created the patterns and model your Curvearis, we will make a toile for you to try. We ask you to come in and fit the toile to make sure you are satisfied with the design and the way it feels.

5. Finishing the garment

Once you are satisfied with your toile we will send the Curvearis files to our 3D printing studio who use specialist equipment to 3D print and use the highest quality materials. Our seamstresses will finish your bra and the Curvearis will be assembled into your garment.

6. The final fitting

It takes from six to twelve weeks the create your bespoke items. We also have rush services available upon request. You can collect your bra from our studio or we can deliver it to your home. Your 3D scan and technical information will be kept securely on file to enable you to easily order in the future.

Watch the video below to see a glimpse of our process in the television programme Voor de Vorm: